Father's Sliced Country Ham - 13 to 14 lbs. - CH13S


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Father's Country Hams are aged for at least 8 months to one year. We smoke the hams with smoldering hickory. Our special cure with sugar helps to reduce the salt taste. Our curing process has been perfected and passed down through generations of Gattons. Father's Country Hams are sold by the pound and in multiple packages. Our pre-sliced country ham package contains 2 large slices and one smaller slice of our ham. Our "Center Slices" package contains 2 select slices of ham that have been carefully trimmed and have the rind removed. Our sliced hams are vacuumed sealed. We package 2 Center Slices to a package and the rest of the ham is packaged 3 slices per package. You get the whole hams including the hock and end seasoning. There will be some weight loss due to slicing