Delivery Times From Our Farm to your Door


During the Summer months of July, August, and September, we ship daily Monday–Thursday. We may hold your order until the following Monday to be shipped depending on transit times estimated by UPS (See map below for approximate transit times). We do so in order to prevent your package from sitting in a hot warehouse or truck during the weekends. If your package does not arrive the same week as shipped, don't worry — all of our products are safe for shipping even at the hotter temperatures. Products should be stored at refrigerated temperatures, or frozen for long term storage upon arrival.


All shipments are sent via UPS to the correct address you provide. UPS will not ship to a P.O. Box; therefore, a full street address MUST be provided.

We are responsible for shipping only when the correct information is given for delivery. If a product is returned due to an incomplete or incorrect address (example: using "Street" as the suffix when it should have been "Avenue") you will be notified and we will rebill your credit card for the freight for reshipping the product. UPS charges our company $16.00 to correct an “in-transit” addresses. We will send you a copy of this charge from UPS along with a receipt where we have charged your credit card for reimbursement of this amount. Please double check to ensure your shipping address is complete and correct before ordering.