Fathers Honey BBQ Rub 8oz pkg - FHBS


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oz pkg A special blend of brown sugar, dry honey, hickory smoked flavor and selected spices that adds a golden rich flavor to all meats and vegetables with only 35 mg of sodium in each 1/4 tsp serving. Just apply the Golden Honey BBQ rub to your favorite meat prior to cooking. The fusion of the brown sugar, honey, and spices literally melt together to coat the meat when heated. It is an excellent choice for ribs or pork chops, or will make a wonderful glaze for your country hams and is also wonderful on beef, chicken, wild game, seafood, salads, salads and vegetables. Try a spoonful in baked beans, or sprinkle lightly on chicken strips for a taste that compares with the tastes of grilled hickory smoked in just a matter of minutes. By using the Golden Honey BBQ Rub you will appreciate why chefs add the subtle distinct flavor to the meats they grill.