Fathers Blackend Cajun Rub 8oz pkg - FBCS

8 oz resealable package A special blend of selected seasonings add a passionate flavor to all types of foods. Excellent for blackening fish, beef, chicken, pork, and wild game. The special blend of zesty seasoning with the addition of bay leaf and oregano adds a sizzling robust flavor to any meat. Also try it on salads (it is unbelievable), vegetables and popcorn. It has an exceptional warm flavor that enhances anything it is sprinkled on. It enhances not overpowers or competes with the flavor of the meat or seafood it is sprinkled on. It only has 200mg of sodium in 1/4 tsp serving. This could very well be the secret ingredient that will allow you to cook like a gourmet chef. After using this seasoning, it is easy to understand why better restaurants always charge extra for blackening a dish. It brings the flavor to the edge from ordinary to extraordinary. Keep this secret ingredient to yourself and keep your friends guessing on how you acheive such awesome results.