Fathers Prime Rib Rub 8oz pkg - FPRS

Father's Gourmet Prime Rib Seasoning - 8 oz. resealable bag This is Charlie Gatton's signature blend of selected seasonings that he has hand rubbed on his prime rib for years. Until recently, the only ones who enjoyed this unique flavor were family and friends who were fortunate enough to sit in the dining room and enjoy the prime rib he slow cooked over a hickory smoked grill. The family often joked about the time it took to prepare the meal. He refused to rush; it had to be perfect, and the meal has often been delayed. As he began to carve the masterpiece, mouths began to water. It is always perfect, and always delicious. The special blends of select seasoning add a robust flavor because of the addition of the unforgettable flavor. The special blend was designed to compliment beef. It was used exclusively for beef for years. After many requests that this seasoning be available to the public, he decided to package his preferred seasoning for prime rib and steak; however, it was proven to compliment all types of food. Just sprinkle generously on thick pork chops and grill to perfection or mix with flour and bread them to fry. Place a roast in the crock pot surrounded by vegetables and sprinkle. The aroma is unbelievable when you return home. Pull the skin loose and sprinkle the chicken, then replace the skin and sprinkle lightly and grill. This may be the best chicken you have ever eaten. Excellent on elk, venison, and hamburgers. Seafood is superb. This allows you to cook like a gourmet chef at home. This takes cooking to a level that is seriou, but the ease is unbelievable. This is one secret ingredient you should never be without. Only 224 mg of sodium in 1/4 tsp.