This Historic Farm In Kentucky Specializes In All Things Bacon And You Need To Visit

February 21, 2018


There aren’t many places out there that continue to do things the same way they did way back in the 1840’s. Actually, there aren’t many business that have been running that long to even make that claim. But there is a farm in western Kentucky that has not only been running since 1840, but the same family continues to work it and produce unbelievable foods. Father’s Country Hams specializes in all things bacon (and ham!) and this historic farm is a great place to visit to stock up on your mouthwatering favorites.

Kentucky and really the entire country can thank the Gatton family and Father’s Country Hams for producing, selling, and shipping some of the best ham and bacon on the planet! Have you discovered the gem that is Father’s Country Hams? Do you have another go-to spot for bacon and classic country ham? Let us know in the comments!

Father’s Country Hams is located at 6313 State Route 81, Sacramento, Kentucky 42372. For more information and to order online, visit their website here.

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