Father's Whole Fully Cooked Spiral Country ham

Our Whole Fully Cooked Spiral Country Ham has been Sugar Cured,Hickory Smoked ,aged 6 months and Brown Sugar Glazed.  Delicious Country Ham flavor is milder than our one year aged Country Hams.The Spiral Sliced Country Ham makes entertaining effortless .Ready to serve , just cut around the bone with a knife and the slices fall away. Great choice for your gourmet meal or keep in your refrigerator for nibbling between meals. Best served at room temperature or heated.For storage keep refrigerated or can be frozen for several months.Father's Whole Brown Sugar Glazed Spiral Sliced Country Ham will be cut in half as pictured.Both pieces will be vacuumed packaged.The Whole Ham both halves must be shipped to the same address. A perfect Gift for any occasion ! Also available in Honey Glazed Half SCHH and Half Brown Sugar Glazed SCH